Local NGOs and Volunteering Opportunities

In order to help enrich your experience while in Jordan, we?ve compiled a list of major NGO?s for those interested in volunteering during their stay.

We encourage you to get involved in the positive work happening in and around Amman.
By serving and connecting with others you will enhance your understanding of the culture and region, while using your growing Arabic skills in a real-world setting.

One note of advice:

Before committing yourself to any volunteer position, make sure you are comfortable with the pace of your Qasid course load so as not to fall behind.? Remember, your success with Arabic (like anything) depends on giving it its due time.

The list:

Below you will find a selection of agencies with possible volunteer opportunities.? Most come from the recommendation of current and former Qasid students.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

Partners-Jordan : http://www.partners-jordan.org

Directory of Agencies

Contains large registry of NGO?s registered with the USAID; select Jordan and the specific sector


Ruwwad : http://www.ruwwad.net/
UNRWA/EU sponsored, English Teaching program in Jerash


Friends of the Earth ? Middle East : http://www.foeme.org/
Environment-centered agency; several Qasid students have volunteered there previously.
Click ?Contact? and then ?Intern? for more information

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature: http://rscn.org.jo/
Major environmental and ecological preservation agency, a.k.a. Wild Jordan.

Human Rights

Amman Center for Human Rights Studies : http://www.achrs.org/english/

Relief & Development

Jordanian Hashemite Human Development Fund: http://www.johud.org.jo/
Noor Al Hussein Foundation : http://www.nooralhusseinfoundation.org/
ZENID: http://www.zenid.org.jo/

Victim Support

Jordan River Foundation: http://www.jordanriver.jo/


Features three major organizations promoted by Jordan?s Tourism Board


This list is only a compilation of publicly available information. The Qasid Institute does not sponsor or endorse in any way the agencies listed above, nor their affiliates or sister organizations.