Arrival and Departure

It is best not to arrive more than 2 weeks before the term commences. And we strongly recommend that each student arrive at least a couple of days before the Orientation to settle into their new accommodations and dispense with the effects of jet lag. We also consider it just short of mandatory that everyone arrive no later than 24 hours before the Orientation session itself to avoid distractions during their introduction to the Institute. The formal Orientation includes placement exams, a presentation about foreign study acclamation, a discussion of institute policies, visa registration, and an engaging tour of historic sights across Northern Jordan.

Late Arrivals

For late-arriving students, placement exams will still be given, and a shortened version of the Orientation proceedings may take place as time permits. But this will be of secondary priority given the intensive nature of the academic schedule. Please be respectful of your colleagues by doing your utmost to honor the time requirements and recommendations specified above.

Early Departures

Qasid?s course schedule attempts to align with the vacation dates of various other academic standards ? primarily from the US, Canada, and the UK ? recognizing the university quarter system and semester system for public and private institutions. Having said this, we acknowledge that the schedule will nevertheless not accommodate every student?s needs. And as such, we are committed to working with students who stay for 85% or more of each term in arranging for early and take-home final exams. If you foresee the need for special scheduling, please note this on your application so that arrangements may be discussed in advance.

Airport Transit

For your initial arrival, Qasid can bring you from the airport to your residence at any hour, day or night. We also can arrange a return ride to the airport for your departure flight at the end of your stay. You may visit the Student Life menu on?our website home page, Airport Transportation option for the latest application form to request an airport shuttle arrangement. This offer is open to students with reservations in Qasid Housing, or for those with Independent Housing plans.

To be eligible for this complimentary service, if you are attending the winter, spring, or fall terms, we must receive your itinerary confirmation within 1 week of your actual arrival date. And for the summer term, this deadline is 2 weeks in advance. Another stipulation is that this service is only provided between 1 week prior to the first day of Orientation and 2 weeks after the last class of the student?s final term. Airport transport for intermittent trips taken during the student?s attendance at Qasid (a six month visa renewal excursion, for example) is the student?s responsibility.