Airport Shuttle

We are now requiring that all students traveling to Amman either opt in or opt out of our complimentary, airport pickup service. For this you must submit the online,?Airport Shuttle Arrangements form. Please be sure to complete this step, even if you are declining the service, to facilitate our assurance that we are meeting everyone?s transportation preferences.

In the event of any extraordinary situation or emergency that causes a last-minute change in your flight itinerary, please send an email to all of the following three accounts to ensure a timely response:? ?

Upon arrival, our representative will be waiting for you at the Car Rental stalls, which is on the right of the main waiting line. Please make sure to go to the Car Rental stalls to find our representative. Important note: recently, due to some repairs taking place in the waiting area of the airport, temporary barriers have been raised in the middle of the hall. Upon entry into the hall, if you go to the left (as opposed to the right) our staff member will most likely not be able to see you. As such, please make sure you go to the right side. Just to help in getting your bearings straight, if you come out and find yourself near or in front of the Starbucks, you’re on the wrong side of the whole and need to go to the opposite end.

If you cannot find your luggage?in 30 minutes?after your arrival, please make sure to go directly to your airline counter, report your luggage missing and get the receipt for it. Qasid can follow up on your bag’s status from there. If, for any reason, your visa process is taking longer than expected, please call us directly as the driver might think that you missed your flight and leave you.

  • Omar Matadar: +962 (0) 77-670-3222
  • Abdullah Misra: +962 (0) 77-671-8235

Also, note that you are expected to wait 1-1.5 hours at the airport, especially if we are expecting more than one student arriving on different airlines. Because we will be welcoming and picking up many students and then dropping them off at their respective housing units, please be aware that it may take a while before you get to your accommodation.

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