2018 Fall Term


September 5 – 6, 2018
Classes & Finals:
September 9 – December 6, 2018

The daily class schedule will be sent to you via email on the evening of September 8th. In the fall, you will take 3 class-hours per day (each class-hour is 50 minutes). While your individual schedule may differ, all students will have their 3 class-hours between 8am and 4pm, Sunday through Thursday.

Please note that if you are joining us as a part of a university group or are taking private classes, your schedule will/may be slightly different.

Important Note: Passports

After you go through passport control in Amman, you will notice inside your passport a small sticker with a barcode and a number. We urge you not to remove the sticker during your entire stay in Amman. This barcode is used by Jordanian authorities to identify you in the case of multiple entries and exit. It’s there to keep you and the country safe and avoid any hassles for future travels into and outside the country.